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This content was written for Gaetano’s Pizza
Are you looking for great tasting pizza? Are you looking for pizza that is made fresh? Well look no more with Gaetano’s Pizza Tulsa. Located in Jenks Oklahoma we have an amazing selection to choose from. Come join us today as we honor Mr. Gaetano’s at 918-298-1122. Is a tribute to Mr.Gaetano’s, we would treat you had one of the tree while you enjoy the wonderful food. You can select from one of our ice cream specials and get us a super premium ice cream. With over 16 flavors will blow your mind and have a taste for screaming for more.
No need to, come try Mr. Gaetano’s Pizza Tulsa. We’ll just serve pizza, we also serve ice cream. With over 116 flavors will blow your mind. We serve banana, green by, birthday cake, cheesecake, so much for. We have seen favors taste that would take a delight and be overwhelmed with flavor. Or try one of our mouthwatering appetizers, our mouthwatering appetizers are to die for. We have phenomenal customer service that cannot be matched, if your seller lover are great for salads are hand tossed every day. For you pizza lovers we have additional topping pieces that you can make your own with.
No need to keep looking for great pizza come try Gaetano’s Pizza Tulsa today we have come also make your mouth water, and for you pizza lovers you can create your own pizza. Now you can get additional five toppings and will make the pieces of your dreams. We have pasta for you possible lovers, our pastas are tossed with garlic bread and you can at me cautious for two dollars. Or maybe your sandwich guy, we have a timeless arms there Tulsa concert with chips on regular databases. Are you looking for special? Will look no more here at Gaetano’s pizza we have less specials available Monday through Friday 11 to, and we always have something for the kids with our kids menu.
Searching for a piece of our desserts are to die for. Try what I must get a cinnamon to produce for whopping $5.50 of every, 100 pieces for just $10 more every day to contact 65. This just another way to make it satisfy client, and is hired as talent. Our first talent is committed to showing can have a great time. They have A+ attitudes, and we hire more of them looking for the first. We office a training and development for they can skyrocket the skills to make it very experienced.
So come to try and get good tasting pizza today, our customer service skills are superb out a your pizza experience. Come join us as we honor Mr.Gaetano’s, we are more assured that you will feel like it home. It’s an experience to die for at 918-298-1122. For you I school I was we serve ice cream flavors that will blow your mind. For you pizza lovers you you can get special maybes is made especially for you. So come join us in Jenks Oklahoma today, and come taste what freshness taste like.
Pizza That You Would Delight in; Pizza Tulsa
This content was written for Gaetano’s Pizza
Are you looking for great pizza? Are you looking for great pizza at a great price? Will look no Gaetano’s pizza Tulsa. We have an amazing selection that will blow your mind, and we are located in Jenks Oklahoma. Give us a call today at 918-298-1122, and pick from selection of pizza, salad, and said ice cream to. It’s a tribute to Mr. Gaetano’s, and you will be treated as our guest and home. So join us as we honor Mr. 99, and you can enjoy the wonderful food. Or enjoy one of our superpremium ice creams, with over 16 flavors you can never go wrong.
Keep looking for great pizza, come try missing get a penal pizza Tulsa today. We also serve ice cream for pizza lovers, with over Huntington flavors, we are always the way to go. We serve banana, cream pie, birthday cake, cheesecake, so many more that she delight. Your taste that with the lightness of our mouthwatering appetizers are to die for. I services is a is phenomenal, and I customer service is unmatched. If you’re into salads you can get garden fresh salad today are guarded for sellers are hand towels, and they are made fresh on a regular day basis. If you’re into making your own pieces, you can make your own be sedated with additional five toppings choose from.
Don’t keep looking for great pizza, choose got it he knows pizza Tulsa day, we have calzones and blow your mind, and for you because lovers you can create your own pizza with additional five topics. If you like bossa, are pizza places way to go. Our pastors are tossed with garlic bread, and you can add me for just two dollars. Are you will love it Italian subs? Will now I Italian subs listserv toasted insert with chips. Are you looking for special? They come look at our lunch specialist. Alice that is available Monday to Friday 11 to 2. Do you need something to do for the kids? Will come check it out kids menu. Our prices for a kitchen and will blow your mind.
No need to keep worrying about a piece of, comes to our pizza place today and will load you up with fresh ingredients. You can get dessert at a cheap price, try one of our master cookies, or same endeavors just for a whopping $5.50. We offer also offer weekly specials, the prices will blow your mind. You can get one topping today for just $10, or you every day to condone it for 69 five. We want to be a satisfied customer as well we continue to hire fresh talent. Our team is committed to the job, and we have a pleasant. If you’re looking for a job is your first time looking for a job look no more with our pizza place we offer training and development that you can soar high with
So give us a try day and will make an experience that is to die for. I customer service is unmatched and now you the most at your pizza experience. Join us as we honor Mr.Gaetano’s, and will more than sure that you’ll feel like you’re at home. Is the experience of fresh goodness,, space death day in dial 918-298-1122. We have over 100 ice cream resell blow your mind. If we pizza lovers we have create your own pieces we could will make specifically for you. To join us in Jenks Oklahoma, encompassing a piece at a site when made fresh.