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This Content was written for Gaetano’s Pizza
Are you looking for a great Pizza Tulsa? Well look no more with Gaetano’s Pizza. Located on 12141 S. ElM St. Jenks Oklahoma, we have some amazing selections that you can choose from. Give us a call today at 918-298-1122, get your selection of pizza, salad, and ice cream to. The store in Jenks is a tribute to Mr. Gaetano’s, and while you are here we would treat you as we would treat our guests and our home. Here you can enjoy wonderful food, and join us in honoring Mr. Gaetano’s. Come try out what went super-premium ice cream shop, we have over 16 flavors that you would just love. You can good come get a taste today, and choose from a single or double dip cones that will put you in the world of deligth.
So don’t keep looking for great Pizza Tulsa, come try Gaetano’s Pizza. We also serve ice cream to, with over 110 flavors we will allow your mind. Just name a few we sell banana, cream pie, birthday cake, Bloomberg, cheesecake, and so many more. We have phenomenal customer service and unmatched. In your taste buds will delight some of off flavors of ice cream. We all for offers mouthwatering appetizers, that you with to die for. Or try a garden fresh salad and stay healthy. All of our pieces are hand tossed, and are covered with our house red sauce. We also feature¬†additional toppings to meet the need of your taste buds. If you not see a pizza that you like our menu, we will make one just for you.
Come to the Gaetano’s for great Pizza Tulsa, and try some of our calzones. You can create your own colors on, with five toppings. Or try certified pastas, IS our tallest in the liberated you can always edit meatballs are you telling insensate sausage for two dollars. We also have Italian subs, these are posted and served with chips and pickle spear. If that there were enough we have lunch specials, these are available every day Monday through Friday 11 to 2. Do you need something for the kids? No worries, we have some conflicts years that they can choose from a for my kids menu.
No need to stop there, how about dessert. Give the monster cookie, or cinnamon dipper, suggests 550. We also have weekly specials save you money. Get a large one topping for $10, or every day to contain it for 6095. Here at get Tennille’s piece the inquiry we are always looking to hire fresh talent. We looking for people who are committed to the team, and lemon a pleasant attitude. If you’re looking for your first job, we welcome this opportunity to get training and development.
So come give us a try today, and will wow you with that customer service. Come get the most ever your experience, while you honor Gaetano with this. We are more than sure that you be satisfied with their food, and we will make you feel at home. So come get the experience to die for at 918-298-1122. Come try one of our ice cream flavors that will blow your mind. Our get your own hand tossed pizza that will makes specifically for you. So come join us today and Jenks Oklahoma, or pieces may fresh.
Get Pizza in in Tulsa; Pizza Tulsa
This content was written for Gaetano’s Pizza
Are you looking for a great pizza in Tulsa? Are you looking to get extravagant selection for pizza? Well look no more with Gaeton’s Pizza. Gaetano’s has Pizza Tulsa with an amazing selection. Located at 12141 S. Elm Street in Jenks Oklahoma you can get an amazing selection of pizza, salad, and ice cream too. You can call us today at 918-298-1122, and come celebrate a tribute to Mr. Gaetano. We assure you that you will be treated as one of our own gifts in her own home, while doing so you can enjoy an amazing and wonderful food. We also have superpremium ice cream that will while your taste buds. These comes in over 16 flavors, and over 100 flavors for chocolate.
If you’re looking to experience great pizza Gaetanos Pizza Tulsa is the way to go. We also serve ice cream, and have over 110 flavors. These flavors include banana, cream pie, birthday cake, cheesecake, and so much more. You can eat to your taste must delight, and try all sorts of new things. We have mouthwatering appetizers that are to die for. You’ll find that I service is unmatched and I customer service is supreme. We have garden fresh salads if you’re a lover, along with our hands Tulsa piece of. We have additional toppings, for some and make your own pizza lovers.
You haven’t had a calzone and he came to Gaetanos Pizza Tulsa. If you want you to create your own pizza, and create your own calzone. We have five toppings for you to choose from, that you would just die for. If you don’t want a piece that you can also try some of our pastas, these are tossed in garlic bread and I have your mouthwatering from the very get-go. You can just add me ball for just two dollars, I say it two dollars. You try some met our Italian selves, they are toast and served with chips to your delight. We also have lunch specials you can eat for cheap, these are available Monday through Friday from 11 to 12. Want something from the kids, no problem check and I kids main we have something for everyone.
No need to keep looking for great piece of when you Gaetanos. We have to assert that will meet your need. Some users include the master cookie, cinnamon dipper, just and all at 550. We had weekly specials that I meet your budget, you can get on top of for just $10 I said $10. Lori if you choose to dine and we have every specials flood tiny and for just 1695. We assure that you will be a satisfied customer, because you will enjoy tall salads. For those who are looking for employment we always have something for everyone. We want to list committed to the team, and have a pleasant attitude. Unfortunately under we have been fortunate enough to supply those who are looking for the first job. We offer training and development that would get you ready for the real world.
So come give us a try and you will love our selection of pizza. our customer service is awesome, and our services are unmatched. Now come get the most and your experience for pizza. Comment on Mr.Gaetano with us and experience next day that she never have experienced before. We are more than assure that she will have a wonderful time, and will make you feel right at home. If an experience to die for just call 918-298-1122 and get some your ice cream flavors to choose from. Quality of food and freshly made pieces will blow your mind, you can create our own piece of it will make it specifically for you. Join us in Jenks Oklahoma or pizza is made fresh.